Academic Calendar

Fall Semester 2013

August 5 Financial Aid application deadline
August 5-16 D.Min. Fall Intensive
August 28
Registration Day and Orientation for new Students
August 29
First Day of classes
September 2 Labor Day - no classes
September 30 Application Deadline for December Graduation
November 28-29 Thanksgiving Recess
December 10-16 Last regular scheduled classes
December 17-20 Examination Period
December 31 Graduation


Spring Semester 2014

January 6 Financial Aid application deadline
January 24 Registration Day
January 27 First Day of classes
February 10-21 D.Min. Spring Intensive
March 30 Application Deadline for May Graduation
April 14-18 Spring Recess (Easter)
May 1 M.Div. Theses due
May 12-16 Last regular scheduled classes
May 19-22 Examination Period
May 24 Graduation Day: 38th Commencement