Track 3: Culture and Spirituality


What does Metaphor have to do with you?

Donna Ferrantello, Ph.D.

donna_ferrantelloDonna FerrantelloUsing Literature to understand your life/ Letting poetry heal your heart.

An experience on how writing transforms your perspective, your life and your sense of art. Discussion and analyses from Literature on storytelling, storylistening and poetics. Time will allow for a short exercise in your writing and a video excerpt on "Poetry and Healing."

Dr. Donna Ferrantello is the author of Moby-Dick and Peace, Assistant Professor of Literature, World Literature, Religion and Literature, Poetry and Healing, Freshman Expository Writing.


The Spiritual Dimensions of Music and Art/Music As a Change Agent

David Eaton

A historical examination of music and art and its influence on self and society with an emphasis on the esthetic and ethical dimensions of art in relation to religion. This will include an examination of the philosophical tenets of ancient China, Greece, Islam and Judeo-Christian societies in relation to music and art. In addition there will be an examination of contemporary popular david_eatonDavid Eatonculture, politics and the avant-garde in the context of building a culture of peace. (Includes music selections)

With triumphs in music capitals from New York to Paris to Moscow, composer/conductor David Eaton has established a reputation as one of his generation's most accomplished musicians. Since assuming the position of music director of the New York City Symphony in 1985, Mr. Eaton has led the ensemble in its highly acclaimed Lincoln Center concert series at Alice Tully Hall as well as numerous concerts at Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, the Manhattan Center, Merkin Hall, Harlem's Apollo Theater, the United Nations and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After his Carnegie Hall debut, the New York Daily News hailed the New York City Symphony as "one of America's finest orchestras.” In addition to his conducting career he has been an active composer, arranger and producer with forty-seven original compositions and over 600 arrangements and transcriptions to his credit.

Using YouTube for Ministry

Pierre Tardy

Atheists say that the Internet is where religion comes to die, but the Internet also provides us a great opportunity to share God’s Revelations for our time. It also challenges us to become proficient and innovating in this constantly changing environment. It requires us to have a new outlook on outreach and a shift in our consciousness. Today, it is possible to reach millions of people and at the same time have individual interactions with thousands, anonymously, privately, or face to face across the world or right where we live. The web provides us instant feed-back good or bad and challenges us to respond well. What is the basic recipe for success in going digital? Will Father’s voice be finally heard? Can we create and market compelling videos that move the heart and the original mind of people? pierre_tardyPierre TardyWill our message go viral or stay unknown or misunderstood? Are we ready to have millions of conversations with our fellow citizens of planet earth? If not how can we hope to affect America? Find out more during this most exciting session!

After spending 35 years in the business world, Pierre Tardy invested himself during the last five years in the political battle against the redefinition of Marriage and for the human right of children to have a Father and Mother. At the same time, his strong desire to share his own faith to a larger audience led him to tap on the power of videos and the Internet. He is a creative self -learner willing to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Using Media for Social Outreach and Networking

Kevin Pickard & Kate Tsubata Co-presenters

Part One: Messaging is both more powerful and more effective when cultural and artistic methods are employed. Kate Tsubata, founder of WAIT (Washington AIDS International Teens) and producer of independent films, documentaries and live productions, will share ways in which arts-based outreach succeeds—especially with a tough message! This presentation will include video clips, helpful information, and “behind-the-scenes” stories of the impact of culturally-based messaging.

Part Two: This course will focus on the video interview as a tool for social outreach and networking. Students will be introduced to methods of contacting and engaging community leaders to address and expound upon significant social issues. This will be further explored as a method of relationship-building and social influence.

As digital news reporting can build a platform of ideas, it can also become a basis whereby the “reporter” builds a role of social influence and trust as an arbiter in the “marketplace of ideas”. Students will learn practical methods used to build a social media platform, engage community leaders, as well as techniques for video interviews.

kate_subataKate TsubataKate Tsubata is a journalist by profession, and a strong advocate for community activism. Her specialty has been working with youth, teaching positive choice making, and helping them develop their individual talents while avoiding negative influences. Since 9/11, she has focused largely on the issue of stopping the spread of HIV and AIDS, working with youth volunteers, through the WAIT team (a project of WAIF.) WAIT has reached more than 22 states and nearly 20 other nations with its powerful message of abstinence, faithful life partnership, and compassionate care for those infected. Kate has also written and co-produced three independent films with LightSmith Productions, as well as several documentaries. She has co-written nearly 50 songs with composer Mehrdad Mizani, produced in three albums.


kevin_pickardKevin PickardKevin Pickard, a native of Houston Texas, has been an active producer of music and documentary film in the New York area since 1976. He won the coveted Anstead award as a film and music student at the University of Southern California. He furthered his studies at the Fontainbleu Conservatory in Paris with Nadia Boulanger, teacher of such noted composers as Aaron Copland, Phillip Glass, and Quincy Jones. He has conducted his musical works at New York’s Lincoln Center, London’s Royal Albert Hall, and Seoul Korea’s National Theater as well as recording with members of the San Francisco Opera Orchestra , the Atlanta Symphony, and the L.A. Chamber Orchestra.

Mr Pickard has collaborated on numerous projects in film and television. He was executive director of the Public Television Station, PCTV in Westchester, NY, where he produced and directed hundreds of public interest programs in community affairs and the arts. He also began a regular news series in collaboration with United Press International featuring weekly interviews of UN Ambassadors, Members of Congress, and national newsmakers. He also developed intern programs for SUNY Purchase College, Westchester Community College, and Bridgeport Academy, each designed to teach students skills to produce documentaries and web-based video.