admissions sectionAdmission to the Seminary is based upon academic capability and upon spiritual and moral character. Academic quali­fica­tions are considered by the Director of Admissions and other members of the Admis­sions Committee to determine whe­ther the appli­cant's educational back­ground and ability ensure reasonable chances of success in aca­demic work at the Seminary. An applicant's spiritual and moral character may be evaluated by personal interview, by his/her application essay or by recom­men­dation of church elders or other knowledge­able indi­viduals. Two letters of recommen­dation, at least one from a church leader, are required.

Applications are normally accepted for entry in the Fall Term.

Applications are wel­come from men and women of all religions, nationalities and races. No particular course of undergraduate preparation is required, although a basic knowledge of history, the social and natural sciences, psychology and philo­sophy is desirable.

In seeking admis­sion, a candidate agrees to abide by the policies, rules and regu­la­tions of the Seminary.