After 3 weeks of voting on Facebook, the winners of the 2013 Barrytown College of UTS “True Love” Video Contest have been determined. They are:Video_Contest_2013_image

- Aika Greenidge’s “Natural Beauty” 1st Prize
- Gunter Herd’s “A Way Through” 2nd Prize
- Misha Panzer and Shannon Forringer’s “The First Step” 3rd Prize
- Gabriel O’Connor’s “Home” Honorable Mention
- Teddy Sylte’s “Journey” Honorable Mention

Voting on Facebook concluded on February 9, 2013 and was just one component of the scoring, being added to the judges’ unified score for each video.
Other entries received included “She’s Beautiful” by Sean Sabo, “On the Way to True Love” by David Wurzer, “Finding True Love” by Landon Doroski, “On the Way to True Love” by Mikka Hassinen, and “Growing in Love” in Gabriela Von Euw.

The five judges who judged the nine entries received were Dr. Stephen Murray, Dean of Barrytown College of UTS,* Dr. Keisuke Noda, Chair of the Department of Philosophy and World Religions, Kate Tsubata, founder of Washington AIDS Intervention Team and writer/producer of LightSmith Productions, composer/ conductor David Eaton, music director of the New York City Symphony, and Pierre Tardy, publisher of the CompletedTestamentTV youtube channel.

Aika Greenidge’s “Natural Beauty” 1st Prize

Aika Greenidge, 19, was born and raised in Los Angeles. She is currently studying cinematography at Pasadena City College. Daejo Garratt, 21, wrote and performed the “Natural Beauty” spoken word. Chris Stair, 22, filmed and edited the piece.

Gunter Herd’s “A Way Through” 2nd Prize

Gunter Herd is a 24 year-old comparative religion major at the University of Washington. He was assisted by two brothers, Joel, 20, and Ejong, 23, who also acted in the film.

Misha Panzer and Shannon Forringer’s “The First Step” 3rd Prize

Misha Panzer, 20, writer/director of “The First Step” is studying Architecture/Civil Engineering at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. Shannon Forringer, 24, cinematographer/editor, is pursuing a degree in Illustration. Julia Mizutani, 19, the actor in the production, is studying International Relations at SUNY Genesco.

Gabriel O’Connor’s “Home” Honorable Mention

Gabriel O'Connor, 18, explains that he created "Home" to "show how some people really live after losing a loved one." The actors are his mother, Evelyne, and his father, John.

Teddy Sylte’s “Journey” Honorable Mention

Teddy Sylte, 24, is a resident of Seattle, WA. The actors in the video are Aiyana Adshead, 20, and Corin Ennis, 22.