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  • Ministry in Many Forms: S. Berg (UTS

    Staffan Berg's optimism is framed by his faith. In his words: “I look at the kind of foundation I have made in my life and I have a sense of free choice. I can choose to look at the glass as half full or half empty. I am actually more interested in being a doer of the word."

  • Inez Nocho: On her Church’s Front Line

    The Doctor of Ministry program at UTS celebrated its ten-year anniversary in 2016. The students in the program represent a wide variety of ministries from pastoral ministry to non-profit ministries and U.N.-based ministries. Inez Nocho, a second year D.Min. student, has chosen LGBTQ and the Church as the subject of her studies and dissertation.

  • Bridging Religious and Cultural Divides - the Generation Gap

    It’s not always easy to get people of different age groups to see eye to eye. UTS alumnus, Jack Harford (UTS’79), shows us his way to bridge the generation gap. Bridging culture may need to begin even with our own family. Jack shares his heart, mind and spirit through his passion for fishing.