Brown, Ronald

Ronald BrownAdjunct Professor in World Religions

- Ph.D. International Relations, University of Geneva, Switzerland
- M.T.S. World Religions, Harvard University Divinity School
- M.A. Modern History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
- B.A. Modern History, Gannon University, Erie, Pa.

Dr. Brown believes that every religion reflects the richness of the human experience, offers a unique insight into human nature, and has something to teach humanity. Whether it is an ancient faith that spans the globe or a tiny tradition lost in the depths of some distant continent, we can gain an insight into humanity's rich spiritual history by studying them. Today, more than at any time in the past is the open minded study and appreciation of every world religion of urgency.

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Hendricks, Tyler

Tyler HendricksAdjunct Associate Professor in Ministry
Former President of UTS

- Dip. R.E., Unification Theological Seminary
- Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

Dr. Tyler Hendricks is a man of the church, deeply involved in ministry for over 30 years as a leader and innovator. He served as President of the Unification Church in America and as a pastor in New Jersey, Manhattan and Boston. In the mid 90s he developed and led the True Family Values Ministry, a nationwide ecumenical ministry to raise the church’s awareness of family issues. For that purpose he authored adult-education curricula including “Building a Genesis 1:28 Family” and “Creating a Faithful Christian Marriage.” Ever concerned for the growth and vitality of the church, he wrote Family, Church, Community, Kingdom: Building a Witnessing Church for Working Families (2000).

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Isaacs, Mark D.

Mark IsaacsAssistant Professor of Ministry & Management

- B.A., Westfield State College
- M.Div. & S.T.M., Lutheran Theo. Sem. at Gettysburg
- D.Min., Lutheran Theo. Sem. at Philadelphia
- Ph.D., Trinity Theological Seminary
- Th.D., Newburgh Theological Seminary

The Rev. Dr. Mark D. Isaacs is an active Lutheran clergyman, a preacher-teacher, a seminary professor here at UTS, an Austrian economist and a Jeffersonian Classical Liberal, a geographer, historian, Bible scholar, theologian, apologist, and comparative religions scholar. Dr. Isaacs, as an Ambassador for Peace, is an enthusiastic interfaith and ecumenical leader.

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Mickler, Michael

Michael MicklerProfessor of Church History

- Dipl. R.E. Unification Theological Seminary
- M.A. Graduate Theological Union
- Ph.D. Graduate Theological Union

Dr. Michael Mickler is a church historian whose teaching and research interests include the history of Christianity, the American religious experience, the Unification movement, and interreligious peace-building. He sees his task as one of balancing faith with scholarly objectivity, cross-disciplinary perspectives, and a commitment to dialogue with representatives of diverse Christian traditions and world faiths.

Dr. Mickler is the primary historian of the Unification movement in America.

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Noda, Keisuke

Keisuke Noda Professor of Philosophy

- B.E. Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
- M.A. New School for Social Research
- M.L.S. Queens College
- Ph.D. New School for Social Research

Dr. Keisuke Noda is an Unificationist philosopher, whose professional interests encompass diverse subjects including phenomenology, existentialism, and various Far Eastern Thoughts. With Unificationism as the thread that links all of these different areas, Dr. Noda takes on the challenge of fusing philosophy into different cultural contexts. His attempt at merging philosophy with literature, the conceptual with the imagery, and the cogitative with the aesthetic, culminated in his two volume philosophical novel A History of Philosophy as Narrative (2004). With this work, he created and coined a new genre called “meta-fantasy” indicating metaphysics described in the form of a fantasy.

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Shimmyo, Theodore

Theodore Shimmyo Adjunct Associate Professor of Theology
Former President of UTS (1994-2000)

- B.S. in Nuclear Engineering, U. of Tokyo
- Dipl. R.E., Unification Theological Seminary
- M.Phil. in Theology, Drew University
- Ph.D. in Theology, Drew University

Dr. Theodore Shimmyo is exceedingly knowledgeable of Christian theology even in its intricate areas such as Trinity and Christology. And yet he does not teach theology merely as doctrine or dogma. With much passion, he relates it to our real lives, thereby encouraging us to bring God back to us. This practical theological approach by him was already largely shaped when he was still in his country of Japan where his reading of Augustine and Luther helped to transform his life of faith.

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Wilson, Andrew

Andrew Wilson

Professor of Scriptural Studies
Director of Scriptural Research

- B.A., Harvard University
- Dipl. R.E., Unification Theological Seminary
- M.T.S., Harvard Divinity School
- Ph.D., Harvard University

Dr. Andrew Wilson’s approach to Scriptural Studies is theological and ecumenical. His Old Testament courses explore what the scriptures mean and have meant to diverse communities of faith—the people of ancient Israel for whom they were written, the early Christians who read them in the light of Christ, and today’s believers—Jews, Christians of all stripes, and Unificationists. He challenges students to become interpreters of the Bible who can infuse it with new life for today’s believers and seekers of truth.

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Winings, Kathy

Kathy WiningsProfessor of Religious Education & Ministry
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Director Doctor of Ministry Program

- B.A., Fordham University
- M. Div., Unification Theological Seminary
- EdD Teachers College, Columbia University

Rev. Kathy Winings, EdD, began teaching at UTS in 1989. Dr. Winings also served as the Dean of Campus for UTS’ New York City Extension Center having worked there since its inception in August 2000.

Together with faculty and staff, she expanded UTS’ influence throughout the greater metropolitan area of New York through the creation of various institutes and programs, setting UTS on the path of becoming a premiere seminary for effective urban ministry.

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