7. U.S. Immigration Requirements

If You are Leaving UTS Permanently

UTS staff are often asked what the immigration requirements are if a student will no longer be continuing at UTS, either because the student is returning to his/her home country, or is beginning Practical Training, or because the student is going to begin study at a new school.

Regardless of your plans, retain your old I-20s! These forms represent your immigration history in the United States and should be kept in a safe place as you would any important document. In addition, you must complete a departure/change of address form.
The U.S. federal regulatory process for transferring your F-1 status from UTS to a new school requires that you notify the Admissions Office of your intent to transfer. There is a SEVIS "release" process which must be followed, or else your new school cannot issue you an I-20. The SEVIS Release Form is available in the Admissions Office. Also, it's important that you follow your new school's instructions for reporting to the International Student Office at the beginning of your semester there.

Students who will be ending their studies in June but have no plans to apply for practical training (F-1), or continue at a new school or in a new field or level of study, or seek a change of non-immigrant status must depart the United States within sixty days of graduation or completion of their academic program if they are in F-1 status.