Title Author
UTS prepared Kasbow for Faith Leadership in Detroit Contributed by Douglas Burton, M.Div. (UTS ’82)
Where I’ve Been... and Where I’m Going Contributed by Cabot W. Peterson (UTS ’92)
OPINION: Same-Sex Marriage: Response from a Unificationist Contributed by Robert Beebe (UTS ’84)
UTS@40, the Launch of the 40/40 Campaign Contributed by Robin James Graham (UTS '80)
LOVE WITH SILENCE a poem by Rev. Sun Myung Moon Contributed by UTS Development Office
Mid-states Alumni Conference in Maryland Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS ’82)
UTS Alumnus Tapped as Vice President for FFWPU International Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
UTS community expresses solidarity with victims of the Charleston church shooting Contributed by UTS
After UTS I Had Hope for America Contributed by Bruce Sutchar M.Div. (UTS '85)
UTS Offers Professional Development Course on Apologetics Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
Front-Line Alumnus Assumes Teaching Post in Las Vegas Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
Spurgin’s Call to Action for UTS Graduates Contributed by Dr. Hugh Spurgin
War and Peace in the Information Age Contributed by Bill Gertz
Honorary Doctorates Awarded by UTS in Las Vegas Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
Seminarians Eager to Learn about the Future of Barrytown Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
UTS Alumnus and Master Poet, Lloyd Howell, reads from "Remembering Father" Contributed by Dr. Donna Ferrantello (UTS’82)
Seminary Grads Challenged to Enlighten a Dark World Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
Barrytown Undergrads Wave Poetic Farewell Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
UTS Alum at Center of Nepal Quake Contributed by Robert Kittel (UTS ’93)
Ward and Hempowicz Join the UTS Board of Trustees Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
Graduates-to-be Testify to UTS as an Interfaith Seminary Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82) and Drissa Kone
Rev. Man-Ho Kim and Mr. Bill Gertz to Receive Honorary Doctorates at UTS Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
Unificationist Thinkers Mark Second Anniversary of Applied Unificationism Blog Contributed by Dr. Mark Barry (Reprinted from the Applied Unificationism blog with permission)
Barrytown College Students Visit University of Bridgeport Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
Seminary’s Graduation Ceremony Returns to the Barrytown Campus Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)

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