Title Published Date Author
Ward and Hempowicz Join the UTS Board of Trustees 20 May 2015 Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
Graduates-to-be Testify to UTS as an Interfaith Seminary 19 May 2015 Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82) and Drissa Kone
Rev. Man-Ho Kim and Mr. Bill Gertz to Receive Honorary Doctorates at UTS 19 May 2015 Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
Unificationist Thinkers Mark Second Anniversary of Applied Unificationism Blog 08 May 2015 Contributed by Dr. Mark Barry (Reprinted from the Applied Unificationism blog with permission)
Barrytown College Students Visit University of Bridgeport 07 May 2015 Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
Seminary’s Graduation Ceremony Returns to the Barrytown Campus 24 April 2015 Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
New Look of UTS Chapel Awaits Graduation Visitors 12 April 2015 Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
Barrytown College Students Mull Range of Options 30 March 2015 Contributed by Douglas Burton (UTS '82)
Time to Reflect and Gain Skills - Even for 2 Working Mom Pastors! 03 November 2014 Contributed by Dr. Richard Panzer
UTS Opened Doors for Myself, and Others 09 April 2014 Contributed by Robert Kittel Ed.D. (UTS'93), utsalumni.org, April 4, 2014
Life at Barrytown by Dan Fefferman (UTS’86) 20 January 2014 Contributed by DAN FEFFERMAN (UTS'86), UTS Alumni Association, January 16, 2014
Passing of UTS alumna, Rev. Tonilla Nnadi 19 December 2013 Contributed by Winings, Kathy
The Future of Barrytown College/UTS 28 October 2013 Contributed by Dr. Richard Panzer
UTS to Host Dr. Richard Rubenstein Lecture at NYC Campus 09 October 2013 Contributed by Panzer, Richard
Barrytown College Launches English Language Institute 17 September 2013 Contributed by Richard Panzer
UTS Holds 37th Graduation 06 June 2013 Contributed by Panzer, Richard
In Memoriam Rev. Eric Holt 22 May 2013 Contributed by KATHY WININGS, Ed.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs UTS
UTS Launches Applied Unificationism Blog 16 May 2013 Contributed by Dr. Michael Mickler
UTS Launches Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership & Grantwriting 27 March 2013 Contributed by Panzer, Richard
The Passing of Dr. Richard Lawrence Arthur 05 March 2013 Contributed by Dr. Kathy Winings, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Director D.Min. program, Professor of Religious Education
2013 Barrytown College of UTS Video Contest 24 October 2012 Contributed by Panzer, Richard
One Unificationist’s Experience at the 3 Day University 18 January 2013 Contributed by Catriona Valenta, M.D., Giessen, Germany
UTS Completes First “3 Day University” Program 15 January 2013 Contributed by Richard Panzer
Passing of UTS faculty member, Norbert Hellmann 10 January 2013 Contributed by Wayne F. Hill, UTS '80
3-day University event to be held at Barrytown Jan 9-11, 2013 03 December 2012 Contributed by Richard Panzer

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