UTS hosted its first big tent revival on August 10, filling the soccer field with 2,500 singing, praying and praising Unificationists. The event, featuring a keynote address by Hoon Mo Nim of Cheong Pyeong, Korea, called for family renewal, church vitality and spiritual resurrection.

The event culminated a 21-day workshop for 150 women and an 8-day workshop for 100 men. Participants participated in praise sessions daily that liberated the spirit world and refreshed their faith and closeness with God. They studied God's word, heard outstanding presentations by speakers including Dr. Chang Shik Yang and President Michael Jenkins, leaders of the Unification movement in America, and Dr. Tyler Hendricks, and shared warm fellowship.

On August 10, the families of these participants plus 2,000 others convened on the campus. The UTS parking team had prepared well and handled the 540 cars with room to spare and no traffic problems. Vendors sold cold drinks, sushi lunches and hot dogs, tee shirts and souvenirs. Many enjoyed the Labyrinth and Father's trail and other trails throughout the day. Seiko Lee led the musical performance. The atmosphere was festive as the campus was made alive with singing, clapping, uplifting speeches and, underneath it all, a deep sense of repentance, renewal and restoration for our families, communities, nation and world.

The guest speakers from Korea, who guided the workshops and ceremonies of the tenth, contributed greatly toward the rejuvenation of the UTS campus. Workshop participants contributed voluntary service to clean and polish the campus indoors and outdoors. Special commendations go to Vice President Mike Mickler, Cliff Yasutake, UTS Conference Director, and our facilities staff of Carl Verderber, Nelson Mira and groundskeeper Howie Callies. Great recognition is also due David Eaton, FFWPU Special Events Director, who orchestrated the entire event.

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