Distance_Learning_smallUTS is pleased to announce that it will be offering the first of several online courses from August 1, 2009. The first five courses to be offered online will be the required courses for the M.Div. degree program. They are: Congregational Development, Worship & Liturgy, Pastoral Theology, Church Growth & Evangelism and Ecumenism and Interfaith. The first course that will be ready for August 1st is Congregational Development. These are also the same courses that comprise the "Equivalency List" for those MRE alumni seeking entrance into the Doctor of Ministry degree program. Now all those who hold an advanced theological degree other than the M.Div. can complete their equivalency requirement for the D.Min. program economically, quickly, and in the convenience of your own home. Each online course is worth three credits and can be completed in as few as 15 weeks.

The online courses are open to any enrolled UTS student and are not limited to those seeking entry into the D.Min. program. If you are not a currently enrolled student at UTS, but are interested in taking this course of any of the other online courses, please contact Mrs. Ute Delaney, UTS Registrar, for details on how to register.

For those individuals interested in the Doctor of Ministry degree program and who graduated from the MRE program, now is a good time to contact Dr. Kathy Winings, director of the doctoral program, because you will need to register for some of the online courses to complete your equivalency status. Of course, if you graduated with the M.Div. degree (or Diploma), you are automatically eligible for the D.Min. program.

Not a student at UTS? No problem. There is no time like the present to begin your journey to obtain the tools and knowledge you need to make a difference. Now, more than ever, our global village needs people who have direction, purpose and vision. People just like you. It just takes a moment to talk to us about the many possibilities that a UTS degree can offer you.

What are you waiting for? Contact UTS today and register for Congregational Development now!

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