HSAUWC Board Reaffirms Commitment to UTS and Barrytown College of UTS

We are pleased to announce that, at its June 21 meeting in San Francisco, the HSAUWC board of directors reaffirmed its commitment to the growth and success of UTS and its undergraduate program, Barrytown College, and its graduate school offering 3 distinct Masters programs and a Doctoral program.

In particular, the board noted the promising recruitment results for the entering Fall 2014 class at the college, with expected enrollment of roughly twice as many new students as from the first year’s class!

The board also recognized the growing recruitment taking place for the UTS graduate school, including the Masters programs taught at the 43rd street campus in NYC and the Doctoral program offered 4 weeks per year in Barrytown, both under the leadership of Dr. Kathy Winings, Vice President of Academic Affairs.

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce the appointment of Dr. Michael Mickler to the position of Vice President of Institutional Resources at UTS and Dr. Keisuke Noda to the position of Interim Dean of the College. Both will continue to serve as full professors while they contribute to the governance of UTS and oversight of its programs and resources.

In response to requests by first year students at the College, the UTS faculty will be revising the undergraduate curriculum in the coming weeks to add more electives including a number of courses in the Media Arts.

The Barrytown Impact Campaign, a fund-raising appeal, is being launched July 1 to give our supporters an opportunity to help us grow. One of the main needs will be to continue with the renovations being made to the East Wing of the main building where the college dorms, library, classrooms and recreation facilities are located. A new entrance is being built, which will become the main entrance to the college. If you would like to contribute, visit our donation page at www.barrytown.uts.edu/donate.

Finally, we would like to thank all of the brothers and sisters who have been supporting the future growth of Barrytown, which we believe will serve as a key Unificationist educational resource for decades to come.


Michael Balcomb
UTS Board Chair
Richard Panzer
UTS President

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