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"Bridging religious and cultural divides"

Dr. Brown has lived for extended periods of time in various countries of the world and experienced most world religions first hand. He spent five years in Jerusalem, seven in Geneva, Switzerland, five in Boston, a year each in Budapest, Prague, Paris, Moscow and Mexico City, periods of several months in China, Indonesia, Senegal, Cameroon, Peru, Egypt and Haiti, and most recently fifteen in New York City where he presently resides.

In addition to teaching world religions at UTS, Dr. Brown teaches history, political science, and ethnic studies full time at Touro College where he was awarded the Teacher of the Year Award in 2002. He is a licensed New York City tour guide and can be often seen guiding groups through the streets and neighborhoods of the city. Dr. Brown is a New York Council for the Humanities featured lecturer where he presents programs on the city's ethnic neighborhoods, famous people, historic events, and houses of worship at New York State colleges, universities, libraries, and historical societies. He is also a docent at the New-York Historical Society where he leads tours of the various society exhibits.

He has published A Religious History of Flushing, Queens: From the Flushing Remonstrance Until Today, Into the Soul of African-American Harlem: A Spiritual Walking Tour, and How New York Became the Empire City: A Mythical Tour of Lower Manhattan. He is currently completing An Autobiography of Fifth Avenue: How a Street became The Avenue with a textbook on teaching world religions in a religiously diverse environment in progress. In addition he has written several articles, most recently, "Taking to the Streets: Teaching Living Religions in the Streets of New York" in the Journal of Unification Studies.

He is a member of numerous professional societies including the American Academy of Religion and American Historical Association.

"Bridging religious and cultural divides"

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