Tuition                  D.Min. Program Tuition and Fees

Tuition (per credit per semester) $460.00
Non-credit continuing education, tuition per class hour $165.00
Audit fee (per class hour) $110.00
Continuing Thesis or Project Enrollment, per semester $150.00

*Tuition for Field Education taken during the summer or winter breaks will be allotted according to the term in which it is registered.

Registration Fees

Full-time Students (9 or more credits or ESL class hours per term)
Registration $ 74.00
Student Activity Fee $ 15.00
Student Services Fee $ 15.00
Library Fee $ 30.00
Internet Access Fee $ 26.00
Total Registration Fees $ 160.00
Part-time Students (fewer than 9 credits in a term)
Total Registration Fees $ 125.00
Distance Learning or Intensive Class
Registration Fee $ 40.00


Other Fees
Application Fee $ 30.00
Graduation Fee $ 70.00
Late Grade Fee (per term) $ 40.00
Transcript Fee $ 7.00
Transfer Credit Evaluation Fee $ 40.00
Deferred Payment Plan (full-time) $ 155.00
Deferred Payment Plan (part-time) $ 75.00
Late Registration Fee (plus $15 per day after the first day of classes) $ 70.00
Distance Learning to On-Campus Conversion Fee $ 125.00
Readmission Fee $ 70.00
Graduate Readmission Fee (upgrade) $ 32.00
Changing Program Fee (the first request to change programs is free) $ 25.00



D. Min. Program Tuition and Fees

D.Min. Application Fee $ 30.00
D.Min. Tuition per credit $ 460.00
D.Min. Intensive Room & Meals (semi-private room) $ 450.00
D.Min. Intensive Room & Meals (private room) $ 510.00
Library Fee (each intensive) $ 30.00
Graduation and Binding Fee $ 150.00


Student Housing: The Seminary will make every effort to assist single and married students with housing on or off campus. Married student housing is available for students from their second year, although the supply of housing limited.

Married students who live in Seminary-owned properties can expect to pay rent of approximately $480 per month for a single room to $730 per month plus utilities for a 1-bedroom apartment. These rents are below local market rates.

Students at the NYC campus may speak with the Director of Student Life for assistance in finding suitable student housing.

Deferred Payment Plan: Students must pay at least 33% of their tuition at registration. All other Seminary fees must be paid in full at time of registration, including any past due balances. The remaining 67% of deferred tuition must be paid in three equal installments the 3 months following the first day of classes. A fee is assessed for choosing this option. A late fee of $100.00 will be assessed at the end of the three months if there is a remaining balance. Student will not be allowed to register if there is a balance on their account.

* Audits are only available for currently enrolled students

**Tuition for Field Education taken during the summer or winter breaks will be allotted according to the term in which it is registered.