A student may request transfer of credit for courses taken in graduate programs at other accredited institutions. Transfer credits should be considered upon entry into a degree  program. The maximum number of transfer credits that can be accepted are:

    • For the M.Div. Program: 24
    • For the M.R.E. Program: 15
    • For the M.A. Program: 12

Credit from academic courses will be accepted if:

a. the course covered the same material as a course offered at the Seminary; and
b. the student has earned a minimum grade of C with full credit.


Transfer credits normally apply to credit earned prior to attending UTS. Students enrolled at UTS who interrupt their studies to attend another school may not transfer those credits without prior approval from the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.

The student submits a written request to the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. Forms to request transfer credits are available at the Registrar's Office. The request should include documentation to prove that the student has taken a graduate level course at another institution. The Vice-President for Academic Affairs then informs the Registrar of the credits to be transferred.

No transfer credits are accepted for the D.Min. Program.

Transfer credits for certificate programs are limited to a maximum of 3 credits.  Only courses that precisely duplicate the content of a UTS course required for the certificate will be considered for transfer credit.