How Persecuted Believers are ‘Going Around’ the Mainstream Press
Douglas Burton (UTS’82)

Breaking news of terrorism in West Africa rarely breaks on large, mainstream news platforms, but change may be on the way.

Issues in Cultural Diplomacy: The Changing Communications Paradigm between the U.S. and Muslim World.
Drissa Kone

Dr. Kone addresses how conflict resolution professionals and diplomats in the 21st century continue to face significant challenges arising from a clash of cultures.

Dr. Hugh Spurgin Steps Down; Dr. Thomas Ward Appointed Sixth President of UTS
Franco Famularo

Unification Theological Seminary President Hugh D. Spurgin informed the UTS Board of Trustees in a letter on May 25, 2019 of his intention to step down as President once a suitable replacement was appointed.

What I Did During my Summer Vacation
Brian Sabourin (UTS '90)

This summer, educator Brian Sabourin (UTS’90) was invited to participate in the seminar “Teaching Civic Culture Together.” The Cato Institute has developed the Sphere Summit for educators to advance the ideas of liberal democracy and