Media Should Speak Transformative Truth and Speak the Truth to Power
Marivir R. Montebon

On December 3 the Interfaith Youth Dinner Dialogue sponsored a media - UTS conversation dealing with how in this digital age, media must consciously carry out their responsibility “to deliver truthful and transformative news and

Religion and Technology in the 21st Century
UTS Communications

The Journal of Unification Studies is a forum for committed engagement with Unification theology and practice, published annually by the Unification Theological Seminary. Dr. Ronald Brown presented a paper at NEMAAR, in that presentation he

Unification Theological Seminary Global
Robin James Graham, Director of Institutional Advancement

UTS introduced distance education in the late 1990s, through correspondence courses and dial-in telephone calls.  Embracing new technology, UTS education can now be accessed easily by students worldwide; the UTS-Online program, launched in October 2017,

My Class, Classmates and Religion
Vanette Colmenares, UTS Student

The World Religions and Global Conflict class is one that students look forward to every week, because of the diversity in the study of religious clashes. Additionally, the students come from different religious backgrounds, and