The involvement of international students is one of our greatest strengths at HJI, resulting in our diverse and exciting student population. In the academic year 2021-2022, international students made up 20% of the HJI student body. We invite you to help the brightest and best attend HJI by contributing to our international student fund


Hear from some of our international students about their experience studying at UTS:

Myoga Molisho

Myoga Molisho, MA in Peace Studies

South Africa

My experience at UTS has been amazing because I am slowly learning how I, too, can be part of the movement to bring about everlasting peace. I am learning skills which can allow me to be part of the solution.


Man Ho Woo

Man Ho Woo, MA in Peace Studies

South Korea

This curriculum has helped me to understand the academic, theological, political, diplomatic, and historical concept of peace. Being able to truly understand the meaning of peace has helped solidify the UTS founders' vision in my life.


Krishna Adhikari

Krishna Adhikari, MA in Peace Studies


The great lectures and study materials of all the subjects I have taken have immensely helped me to broaden and deepen my understanding of the significance of peace building and conflict resolution, as well as transformed my faith.


MG Tomasini


M.G. Tomasini, MA in Peace Studies


I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to study at UTS. This has been an empowering experience both cognitively and heartistically.


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