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Dear Members of the UTS Community,

A Warm Greetings to All of You as we settle into 2021!

When Reverend Moon came to the United States in 1971, he had a number of things that he felt called to accomplish. One of his top priorities was to establish a Seminary. Reverend Moon’s desire was to build a working relationship with Christian leaders.

From his first days in the United States, he emphasized that the key to an American. reawakening was through building a partnership first with Christianity, then Judaism and Islam and then all other religions in order to secure a lasting peace. From the inception of UTS, he encouraged UTS leaders to initiate conferences and academic exchanges with professors from seminaries and departments of religious studies in American institutions of higher education.

In December 2020, UTS Co-Founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon traveled to the United States for an event that focused on outreach to American Christian Ministers. In her speech, she played special homage to the pilgrims who arrived on the Mayflower some 400 years ago on December 18, 2020.

Dr. Moon lived more than 4 decades in the United States. She understands this country’s strengths and its foibles. Nevertheless, just as Abraham begged God to spare Sodom if he could find even ten righteous people, Dr. Moon has held up those early pilgrims as America’s ten, as examples of faith for all of us and as the justification for God to enjoy its finest hour in this time in which our country’s faces many forms of moral confusion as well as tangible threats to the ecosystems of our planet.

We look forward to partnering with our Christian brothers and sisters in 2021 to work to improve the human condition.

Our prayer and expectation are that, in 2021, health will be restored to family, to friends and co-workers, to our nation, and to the world community. The best of humanity can shine forth from the challenges of the past year and bring us forward to greater harmony with the heart and expectation of our Creator and the entire human family.

For those of you who have not yet joined our community but somehow feel guided to do so, please do not hesitate to contact us and see whether or not UTS is the right fit for you.

May 2021 be a year in which you and your family, our country and the entire world are doubly blessed!



Thomas J. Ward
President, Unification Theological Seminary